• Programming in C, C++, Java, Ruby+RoR, TCL/Tk, Go, Shell Script, and SQL.
  • Java (SE and Android) and C++ Applications debugging, profiling and tuning.
  • High expertise in network related protocols like HTTP, SIP, TCP/UDP/IP, DNS, Radius and Diameter.
  • Software design, specification, integration, development and quality assurance.
  • Great experience developing and designing multi-threading distributed systems with demands of high-availability, high rates of traffic and very low processing latency.
  • High expertise in Linux based operating systems (Red Hat, CentOS and Ubuntu) – system administration, troubleshooting, advanced POSIX, socket and concurrent programming and software packaging.
  • HTTP, Websockets, SIP and DNS network packet and communication flow analysis.
  • Great competence developing software following standard object oriented design and functional patterns and code style standards.
  • Database Systems: PostresSQL, SQLite and MySQL.
  • Design and implementation of tools for automate the integration tests, system tests and pre-production environments.
  • Native Android Development
  • Test automation and Unit testing with frameworks like jUnit, Mockito, PowerMock and RSpec.
  • Software Tools: gcc, rpm, gdb, eclipse, svn, autotools, ant, maven, advanced git, Wireshark, Android development Tools, and JIRA.
  • OpenSSL Programming
  • Docker Advanced User
  • Agile methodologies


January 2014 - Current

Axway - Senior Software Engineer

Dublin, Ireland

  • Implementation, design and development of features for Axway APIGateway and API Manager.
  • Designed and developed the APIGateway integration with a cryptographic external HSM device. With this integration, APIGateway is able to forward Java and native cryptographic operations to an external security device that manages private and secret keys.
  • Part of the team that developed the multi-threaded pipeline for sensitive API Traffic redaction. All the payloads processed by APIGAteway are intercepted and all the sensitive information is removed before it gets stored on the filesystem.
  • Part of the team that implemented the WebSockets feature for APIGateway. The application is able to act as proxy websocket server, intercepting, authenticating and authorizing websockets messages in both ways.
  • Support and maintenance of old APIGateway versions.
  • APIGateway application tuning for high level of demand use scenarios.
  • Part of the team that developed Swagger 2.0 Specification support for APIManager.
  • Mentoring Junior developers.

Technologies : C/C++, Java, JNI, OpenSSL,Rest APIS, Jython and Docker.

October 2012 - January 2014

Airtel ATN - Senior Software Engineer

Dublin, Ireland

  • Contributed to ATN (Aeronautical Communication network) CM,CPDLC and ADS-C Test Tools by designing/developing several new features and resolving existing bugs.
  • Requirements management and architecture specification.
  • UI Wire framing and Specification.
  • Automated Unit and integration test design.
  • Developed some ASN.1 parsing tools.

Technologies : C/C++, Java, TCL/TK ,Ruby.

October 2007 - October 2012

PT Inovação | Outsoft Software Engineer

Aveiro, Portugal

  • Management and definition of software requirements and issues.
  • Application UML Modeling and Business Logic Design.
  • Application Profiling, Tuning and Debugging
  • Multi-Threading and Network related programming for real-time systems.
  • Write user & software documentation.
  • Unit Testing, Test Automation and Quality Assurance planning.
  • Design/Development of software products according to the established company life cycle model.
  • Linux/Posix programming, administration, troubleshooting and packaging.
  • Supported and guided other Junior Engineers in various development and learning tasks.
  • Collaborated with 24/7 support team solving some production issues

Main Projects:


  • As C/C++ Developer I was involved in the design/development of a large multi-treaded SIP B2B Server used in a IMS network that provides wise services over an existing SS7/Camel4 Infrastructure.
  • SIP Protocol flow analysis and designed some SIPp automated tests.


  • My main roles in this project were application data modeling, multi-thread system design, testing design, and software packager. The system is composed by some JavaSE components with a RoR (3.X) web administration interface.
  • Technologies : Java, Ruby, Ruby on Rails and Bind


  • Developed/Designed an application module to balance and route the SIP signaling across a farm of Application Servers and Media Servers.
  • The application is used for scaling up some SIP applications in IMS/VoIP Network.
  • Technologies: Opensips, C and C++

SMS Charging Gateway

  • Developed a multi threaded module capable of contacting a online charging system that handles all the SMS Traffic from a Telco in Africa
  • Designed a test tool that automatically validates a pre-production system.
  • Technologies: C/C++, Linux

XAF Framework

  • Leaded the development of some components used by several successful products in the company for managing database connections, logging, real-time event processing/persistence, real time analytics (calculation & aggregation) and centralized system configuration version management.
  • Technologies: Java, C/C++, Ruby and Perl.

January 2006 - June 2007

Rederia - Software Engineer

Aveiro , Portugal

  • Collaborated with the Aveiro Domus’s Domotics and Communications Team designing the necessary functional and technical specifications that will allow the construction of the House of the Future .
  • WIFI and Ethernet Network design and planing .
  • Developed some customized VoIP PBX systems based on the open source framework Asterisk .

Side Projects

  • Asynchronous Android Programming - Book Author for Packt Publishing
  • Asynchronous Android - Book Technical Reviewer for Packt Publishing
  • Designed and developed the native android application SMS Scheduler Lite and SMS Scheduler Pro (available on Google Play)
  • Designed and developed the native android application Acordo Ortográfico (available on Google Play)
  • Designed and developed for a third party client the native android application Keytroller SMS with Dropbox API and Sensor Metering Integrations.
  • Monocline Records - Cofounded and Comanaged the label between 2008 - 2011
  • Re:Axis - Cofounded and collaborated in the electronic music project between 2006-2010

Open Source

  • Developed the open-source Ruby API for parsing Google Play Store Github
  • Created a Tool to resize Android resources images automatically in the command line Github
  • Developed a Boilerplate Library(Java) for Android Development Github


Electronic & Telecommunications Engineering September 2000 - December 2006

Aveiro University, Aveiro , Porttugal


  • Electronic Radio Frequency Systems Development
  • Operating Systems Design & Architecture
  • Network Security on Communications systems
  • Digital Signal Processing

Additional Training

  • SL-275-SE6 Java Programming Language - Behavior ,Aveiro 2007
  • FJ-310-EE6 Developing Applications for the Java EE Platform - Rumos, Aveiro 2008
  • Beginning Development Web Apps with Ruby on Rails – Galileu - Aveiro 2009
  • Machine Learning - Coursera (Standford University) - June-July 2013


  • Soccer
  • Music Production
  • Design
  • Jogging
  • New Technologies