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Asynchronous programming has acquired immense importance in Android programming, especially when we want to make use of the number of independent processing units (cores) available on the most recent Android devices.


  1. Introduction to Android Models
  2. Performing world with Looper, Handler and HandlerThread
  3. Exploring AsyncTask
  4. Exploring Loader
  5. Interacting with Services
  6. Scheduling Work with AlarmManager
  7. Exploring JobScheduler API
  8. Interacting with the Network
  9. Performing work on the Native layer
  10. Efficient Network Interactions with GCM
  11. Exploring Bus based Communications
  12. Asynchronous Programing with RxJava

What You Will Learn:

  • Learn about the Android Process and the low level concurrent and multithread constructs available on Android SDK.
  • How to use AsyncTask to load data in background delivering progress results in the meantime.
  • How to use the Android Loader construct to load data in background and deliver up to date results.
  • How to enhance UI performance and responsiveness by sending work to a Service running in the background.
  • How to defer, schedule and batch work on the Android System without compromising the battery life and user experience.
  • How to use the JNI interface to execute concurrent work on the native layer.
  • How to pull and push data from your network servers using Google GCM Platform.
  • How to create and compose tasks with RxJava to execute complex asynchronous work in a predictable way.

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